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At uDirect IRA Services, the investments in your retirement account can be self-directed by “U”. Most IRAs are typically invested in stocks, bonds and mutual funds. With a self-directed IRA from “uDirect”, as the name implies, you make the investment choices. The types of investments are almost limitless. With the self- directed IRA account, “uDirect” acts simply as an independent administrator handling the investment transactions which you dictate.

With the help of “uDirect” you can invest your retirement dollars in non-traditional investments including: Real estate, private placements, trust deeds, oil-gas-energy and thinly traded or limited offering investments.

“Self-Directed” means you make all the buy and sell decisions. We only engage in investments, transactions and sell orders which you or your investment advisor dictate to us. For a large number of people the self directed approach makes the most sense because you aren’t locked into the narrow choices and self serving interests of a mutual fund, bank, brokerage or life insurance company custodian. Take the reins and direct your own retirement future today! Give us a call and ask us how at (866) 447-6598.

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