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At uDirect IRA Services, the investments in your retirement account can be self-directed by “U”. Most IRAs are typically invested in stocks, bonds and mutual funds. With a self-directed IRA (SDIRA), from “uDirect”, as the name implies, you make the investment choices. The types of investments are almost limitless. With the self- directed IRA account, “uDirect” acts simply as an independent administrator handling the investment transactions which you dictate.

With the help of “uDirect” you can invest your retirement dollars in alternative assets including:  Real estate, private placements, trust deeds, notes, precious metals and more to improve your financial future.

“Self-Directed” means you make all the buy and sell decisions. We only engage in investments, transactions, and sell orders which you or your investment advisor dictate to us. For a large number of people, the self-directed approach makes the most sense because you aren’t locked into the narrow choices and self-serving interests of a mutual fund, bank, brokerage, or life insurance company custodian.

Our self-managed IRA services allow you to take control of your retirement and invest your IRA outside of the stock market to help improve your financial future. As an industry-leading self-directed IRA company, we work directly with you to find the ideal solution for your specific situation. We take the time to understand your needs and work with you to ensure you understand everything you need to be successful with our self-directed investment services. Our dedicated team quickly becomes your go-to resource to guide you and provide education on self-directed IRA best practices. Experience the difference in quality and service with our exclusive self-directed IRA services.

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