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For Annual Contributions, See Our “Contribute to an Account” Page


Self-Directed Accounts are Funded in One of Three Ways

  1. Annual Contribution – writing a check from your personal funds
  2. Self-Directed IRA Transfer – The movement of funds from IRA to IRA*
  3. Self-Directed IRA Rollover Transfer – The movement of funds from a Qualified Plan such as a 401(k), 403(b) or 457 to an IRA*

The above link provides a form for IRA rollover Transfer of funds.

For Transfers (IRA to IRA)

  • Before you start a retirement plan rollover make sure you provide the address of your current custodian’s Transfer Department on the Transfer Form. This will ensure that your Transfer Form is sent to the department that is designed to facilitate your request. Otherwise, you may find that the request goes to a party that can’t complete it.
  • Some but not all custodians require a Medallion Signature Guarantee. This “medallion stamp” can usually be obtained at your bank. Ask your current custodian if they require this type of signature guarantee. If they do, reach out to your bank to obtain this certification.
  • It’s best to contact your present custodian to request your fund be liquidated to cash. In this way delays can be avoided. Often times custodians will not accept the attached written request to liquidate funds and do require the customer or client to request this individually. Your stocks, bonds and mutual funds cannot be moved “In-Kind”.

For Self-Directed Rollover IRA Transfers (401(k), 403(b), 457, Defined Benefits, etc.)

  • Contact your present self-directed IRA custodian and request their Self-Directed IRA Rollover documentation. Complete their forms and return them. Once your current custodian receives your 401k rollover transfer request they will respond. Sometimes these custodians require your new account number in order to process your request. Once your account is established with uDirect IRA Services we can provide this new account number to you. Your current custodian will need to make the check payable to: American Estate & Trust LC FBO your IRA. They can mail the check to you and you can forward it, or they can mail it to the custodian at 6900 Westcliff Dr., Ste 603, Las Vegas, NV 89145-0199.*Note: When requesting funds from your current custodian keep in mind checks have a mandatory holding period:
    • Transfers checks from known custodians – 10 calendar days NOTE: If the custodian is some other plan or other untested organization, we may change the days to be more as needed.
    • Dividend Income/Return from the investment – 10 calendar days
    • Contribution checks from client – 10 calendar days
    • Rollover Transfer checks from client – 10 calendar days

    Wires have a $15 fee.

Approaching your IRA transfer, contribution, or IRA rollover transfer correctly is crucial to completing the process in a thorough and timely manner. With that in mind, reach out to us at uDirect IRA Services so that we can help. We’ll take your inquiries seriously and ensure that your requests go through without any issues.