As a successful business leader and expert in self-directed IRA space, Kaaren needs no introduction. Kaaren's reputation precedes her, you can't help but admire the way Kaaren adds value to Self-Directed IRA services. Kaaren and her team outstanding and have been great to work with. We have benefited greatly from their experience and knowledge. Having interacted with Kaaren and her team it's pretty obvious that she is a special leader who not only defines the vision of a group (which actually transforms a group in a closely knit team) but leads the team in her own straightforward no-nonsense way. Not only have I set up a self-directed IRA with uDirect but our investors have also and we are in the functional beverage industry.

Tim Nemeckay, Founder: Sports Business Consultant, Sports Marketing, Product Development, Nemeckay GroupH2O Overdrive

David W. just invested $61K from his SEP IRA into the Buena Vista trust deed investment with Pelorus Equity Group.

I asked him to summarize his feedback with respect to his personal experience when he liquidated his stocks and then changed custodians from Invesco to uDirect IRA Services.

Sequence of the custodian transfer process.

Day 1

  • I notified current custodian to place sell order for mutual fund shares.
  • I completed the uDirect New Account Form with overnight FedEx slip and emailed it to uDirect.
  • PEG provided uDirect with executed borrower and investor trust deed documents.
  • uDirect overnights transfer paperwork to current custodian.

Day 2

  • Current custodian wires proceeds to uDirect.

Day 3

  • uDirect wires proceeds to PEG.

David W. and Pelorus Equity Group strongly recommend Kaaren Hall and the team at uDirect. We deal with custodian’s everyday and transfers are never processed this efficiently.

Thanks Kaaren and uDirect IRA Services

I just want to thank you so much for making this experience for me an enlightening, empowering, and educational one. When I reflect on how I learned about you was by calling the IRS to inquire about trading my IRA for real estate, they had you call me and the rest is history. I have learned so much through this process that I am actively sharing my experience and I am a strong advocate of uDirect IRA. You literally walked me through the process, even though when I started this I had no idea what a "custodian" was, or, any of the other terms that I have learned. This seems like such a no brainier that I'm embarrassed to think that I let that amount of money sit in an account and make a 4% return. I truly believe that not only will I get the benefit of appreciation on the property, I will make a 8% return on my investment. I do think this is the worse kept secret as far as retirement investment options. How many people get to drive by and see their IRA everyday? From start to finish this took 3 weeks. Once again, thank you!

Cyndee, Gladstone, ORuDirect Client

I was referred to uDirect by a mutual friend. I had been researching companies to do my self-directed plan with and was very impressed by Kaaren's professionalism and willingness to answer questions. I had very bad customer service experience with two other companies. I could not believe that these two companies treated me so poorly and I refused to trust them with managing my funds. I was so happy to find Kaaren and uDirect. Kaaren walked me through paperwork and made sure everything was taken care of. She kept in touch with me through each step. Even with my first transaction, where timing was important, Kaaren took extra time to make sure it got done. I am already referring friends and family.

Jean, Long Beach, CAuDirect Client

uDirect is a leader in the self-directed investing arena for both client service and client education. uDirect has helped many of our clients in using self-directed investing to accelerate their wealth growth and asset preservation. Kaaren's passion for helping her clients achieve their financial goals is apparent in her consistent excellence in client service and dedication to always go above and beyond for each and every client.

Amanda Han, Managing DirectorKeystone CPA

Kaaren and I have worked on several projects together. It's refreshing to have a team member so informed about what she does. Kaaren's knowledge of Self-Directed IRAs is amazing. I have recommended her to some of my best clients.

Bradley Barth, Attorney-at-LawBarthCalderon LLP

We owe Kaaren Hall a debt of gratitude for all her support, not only in attending and providing knowledgeable presentations at our events, but her dedication to making sure our customers understand the aspects and advantages to leveraging their real estate investments within their self-directed IRAs.

I have been very impressed with Kaaren and her team. They take the time to provide explanations when you have questions. They also provide educational seminars and workshops that enable you to make the right decisions regarding investing and utilizing your self-directed IRA. I recommend Kaaren to business colleagues and friends.
Marnetta Griffith, Los Angeles, CAuDirect Client

I met Kaaren at a real estate IRA seminar. I was looking for a company to assist me with investing my own IRA funds after the '07 real estate downturn. I was so impressed with her presentation that, after some due diligence, I decided to invest my own IRA funds with her company. I now recommend her to my clients whom I assist with their real estate purchases.

Joe Homs, Wright Realty PartnersWright Realty Partners

Kaaren has expressed a unprecedented understanding of self-directed retirement planning and the laws and regulations pertaining to how to self-direct retirement accounts successfully. She has been a valuable teacher as well as resource to myself as well as the clients I have recommended to her. I would recommend her to anyone interested in taking control of their financial future and self directing their retirement accounts, setting up self-directed Health Savings Accounts and other retirement vehicles. Amazing individual and ethically sound!

Mathew Owens, CPAOCG Properties, LLC

Kaaren Hall has a thorough understanding of the self-directed IRA business, and the ability to explain it in layman's terms. She makes the process easy and breeds confidence in her clients. I have used Kaaren’s services myself; and as a commercial real estate broker, I refer all of my clients to her. Personable, professional and reliable!

Robin Reed, Owner/BrokerQueen City Realty Group