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Investing with Your Self-Directed IRA

Investing Your Self-Directed IRA Funds Once you have your self-directed IRA opened and funded, it’s time to think about investing. The IRS says you can…

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Why a Self-Directed IRA? Why Not Something Else?

Thomas’ Story What started out as an internet search about self-directed IRA’s has turned into a friendship that pays tremendous dividends. And, has allowed me…

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Nancy’s Story: Single Family Homes in Her IRA

Single Family Homes Inside Nancy’s Self-Directed IRA It all started back in 2006. I was reading the business section of the newspaper and came across…

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IRS Gets Its Wings Clipped

IRS Gets Its Wings Clipped on Roth IRA’s and “Substance Over Form” Doctrine  The 6th Circuit recently released a case that is good news for…

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