Investing for your future does not have to mean restricting yourself to market-correlated assets. In fact, you can explore self directed ira investing trends beyond traditional options by learning more about Alternative Asset Investing.

Firstly, an alternative investment is a financial asset that doesn’t fall into conventional asset categories such as stocks, bonds, and cash. These alternative investments include private equity, venture capital, and hedge funds. Additionally, notes, performing and non-performing debt, precious metals, and cryptocurrency can also be classified as alternative investments.

Syndications/Private Equity

In a real estate syndication, a “sponsor” or “syndicator” (which may be an individual or an entity) will typically identify a real estate asset, such as an existing commercial or multifamily property, vacant land for development, or single-family fix-and-flips that will yield a sufficient return to pay themselves and their investors from cash flow during operations and/or equity on resale.

Moreover, the sponsor may obtain institutional financing for a portion of the purchase price and then pool funds from private investors to finance the down payment and closing costs. Alternatively, the sponsor may raise all of the purchase money from private investors. The sponsor’s responsibilities include finding a suitable property, putting the group of investors together, and managing the asset on their behalf. In exchange for these efforts, the sponsor will receive fees and/or a percentage of the “distributable cash” (i.e., profits) left after all expenses and loan obligations have been paid.

Types of Precious Metals Allowed in IRA

It is important to note that not all coins are approved for retirement account investing. Regarding IRA-approved coins, only those that are legal tender with 0.9999% fineness are allowed in an IRA, with the exception of the American Eagle, which has a fineness of 0.9167%.

In particular, other coins allowed in an IRA include:
– American Buffalo
– Canadian Gold Maple Leaf
– Australian Gold Nugget
– Platinum Maple Leafs & non-proof coins

However, the popular South African Krugerrand is not permitted to be included in an American IRA because its fineness is only 0.9167%. The regulations governing gold contributions to IRAs call for a minimum purity of 0.995%, but most gold bullion bars are 0.9999% pure.


A self-directed IRA offers more control over investments. Unlike traditional IRAs limited to stocks and bonds, it allows for diverse assets, including cryptocurrencies. A cryptocurrency is a digital currency created using encryption algorithms. The use of encryption technologies means that cryptocurrencies function both as a currency and as a virtual accounting system.


Promissory Notes, both secured and unsecured, are very popular with account holders as an investment option for their IRA. Investing in Promissory Notes can be done via a new Note or the purchase of an existing Note. Our account holders invest in both secured and unsecured Notes.

Furthermore, a secured Note can be collateral against residential real estate via a Deed of Trust or Mortgage, depending on the state the residential collateral is located in. If lending to a business entity, you might even choose to secure your loan against the company’s assets via a UCC-1 filing. If the Note is to be unsecured, the IRA would require a Hold Harmless letter to be signed by the account holder, acknowledging the higher risk of loss involved in an unsecured Note.

As an IRA account holder, you can choose to purchase an existing Note instead of making a new Note to a borrower. Should you purchase an existing Note, you would also provide an Assignment from the seller of the Note to the IRA. If purchasing the Note for less than face value, a Bill of Sale between the IRA and the Note seller outlining the price to be paid would also be needed. Often, an amortization schedule may be required when purchasing an existing Note for less than face value. Furthermore, if the existing Note being purchased is being bought from someone other than the original lender stated on the Note, then a full history of all assignments of record would be needed. This is to ensure that the current seller of the Note is indeed the current holder of record.


In summary, alternative asset investing offers a wide range of opportunities beyond traditional market-correlated assets. By exploring options such as private equity, venture capital, hedge funds, and more, you can diversify your portfolio effectively. Real estate syndications provide a structured way to invest in property, while specific precious metals can be included in your IRA for added security. Cryptocurrencies represent a modern, digital avenue for growth, and promissory notes offer flexible debt investment options. Remember, uDirect IRA Services, LLC is here to educate and guide you, but always consult with your financial and tax advisors before making investment decisions. For further assistance, contact uDirect IRA Services at

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