By: Jeff Dixon, Business Development Manager

When it comes to Self-Directing your retirement funds you want great service and reasonable fees.  We have many people switch their IRA accounts from other companies to uDirect IRA Services for these reasons.  Generally, the frustrations with the current custodian are caused by long delays when processing investments and then being charged high fees on top of it. 

How the Process Works

At uDirect IRA Services, you are assigned to a Transaction Coordinator. This person will help you get the investment done as quickly as possible. One of the frustrations people have shared about other companies is they often do not get the same person when calling back. That means they are always starting over and needing to bring the new person up to speed on the status of the transaction.  With our use of assigned Transaction Coordinators, you do not have to worry about that at uDirect.

Help Us Help You

To make your transaction go as quickly as possible, it is important we understand the full nature of the investment. That means you need to help us by telling us all the various aspects of the investment. We cannot assist with an issue we are unaware of. 

Before the investment goes through to funding, there must be enough funds in the account. If you are opening an account and moving funds in (or adding more funds into the account) please note it can take as long as two weeks to get the funds moved. If the funds are coming over by check, there is a 10 day hold before funds are released.  Please also remember to leave a pad for fees.  If your investment is $50,000, for example, be sure to transfer in more to cover wire fees, your annual fee, etc.  In this way your investment will not be held up because your account is short-of-funds.

Our Fees Are Among the Lowest

Fees are an important factor in which company you choose. Be sure to review the fee schedule of uDirect and any competitor you may be considering.  Ask questions about fees you are uncertain of.  We charge a flat annual fee of $275 per year. Many companies base their annual fee on a percentage of the value of the account, which means you pay more as your account value increases. We do not penalize our clients for being successful with their investments. Other companies may charge a per-asset fee which you will not find when working with us.

Your account with uDirect IRA Services is “Self-Directed”.  It is important for you monitor your account on a regular basis to make sure that you are aware of any fees being charged to your account.  Check to make sure funds are disbursed and received as you request.  We provide a monthly statement for you each month, so download this and save it to your files.

We are here to assist you. Give us a call at (866) 447-6598 or email us at  We answer all our calls within 24 hours.


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