Jeffrey W. Dixon, MBA, SDIP, CISPVice-President of Business Development

Jeffrey W. Dixon, MBA, SDIP, CISP Vice-President of Business Development

Why Private Equity?

When considering a Self-Directed IRA, Private Equity stands out as one of the asset classes of choice. It offers financial freedom, security, and tax benefits. Private Equity can provide consistent returns, even in market downturns. This includes real estate syndications.

One of the key advantages of Private Equity is that the investor does not need to know how to find the investments themselves; instead, they invest in a company, and that company will take care of finding the investments, simplifying the process and allowing individuals to focus on their financial goals.

Due Diligence

It’s essential to conduct Due Diligence before diving into any investment, especially in real estate syndications in an SDIRA. With any investment comes the potential for risk. Therefore, it is crucial to research the company and the principals involved to ensure they are a trustworthy investment. To assist in this process, here are some helpful resources:

SEC helps protect investments. Visit or call (800) 732-0330.
NASAA offers investor education at or (202) 737-0900.
FINRA’s “Investor” section is at or (301) 590-6500.
AARP covers scams and fraud at or (888) 687-2277.

Tax Advice

IRAs may face two taxes based on investments: UDFI with financing and UBIT with business or property. Consult a CPA or tax advisor.  Having access to a qualified CPA or tax advisor can be crucial in navigating these tax complexities. You can find more information in our article on taxes by clicking HERE.

Fiduciary Duty

uDirect IRA Services, LLC doesn’t provide professional advice regarding tax, legal, accounting, or investment matters.  Seek advice when exploring SDIRA and real estate syndications. Contact us at (866) 706-2798 or Complete an online application HERE.