Do you know a proud parent of a kitty? It takes a special breed of person (like me). So even if you’re not a cat person, here’s the “fun” you’re missing out on…

Like it or not, my day starts at 5:00am on the nose. Literally. That’s when my 12-year-old short-gray-haired tabby, Spotty, jumps in my bed to press his cold nose against my face to ask for breakfast. The whisker tickles seal the deal.

All fed, he hops up to the bathroom sink to ask me to turn on the tap. He’s thirsty. Then he gives me that look when he’s quenched: “I want my head rubbed NOW, please.”

For some relief from all this, I let Spotty out in the backyard. He triumphantly trots back in 10 minutes later to bring me a dead bird he found outside. Then I get the job of cleaning up after him.

And that’s just one morning. Spotty’s capers continue ‘round the clock. Day after day. Week after week. Month after month. Year after year.

Are you up for it? Not everyone is.

The good news is managing a self-directed IRA (SDIRA) is less work than caring for a cat. And less expensive, if you do it right.

In fact, most of the time investment is upfront, in the first month. That’s when we ask you a lot of questions about where your money currently is (to help you transfer it) and the deal(s) you want to invest in (to feel out whether they’ll pass Compliance).

Yes, the process can get a little frustrating for that short while. It ends up being only a few hours in total though, with us guiding you through every step.

So ask yourself:

How worthwhile is investing a few hours now to tax-shelter your real estate and non-Wall-Street investments for years to come?

At uDirect, we don’t charge you a percentage of your assets like some of the other guys. It’s one low, flat fee per year.

Of course, you also need to always follow the IRS’ rules to steer clear of “prohibited transactions” once you’re investing. You could owe penalties on your whole IRA if you break those rules.

To help prevent that, we can refer you to some great tax lawyers, CPAs, and even funding sources who understand SDIRAs – and who specialize in real estate. I’ve personally known these people for years and worked with many of them on my own real estate deals. None of them pay us a penny for the referrals either.

So if a few rounds of info gathering and monitoring your own investments don’t scare you, then you may have the right stuff to become a uDirect IRA Services account holder.

To apply for an account today, just call us at (866) 447-6598 or email us at to schedule your free 20-minute consultation. If you’re ready, you can Open an Account now.  Your cat will appreciate your wise planning. Umm, well, maybe someday when you have more time for head rubs.

To your best investing year yet,