Let’s explore the dynamic world of investment possibilities that await you. Remember, the key to success is active involvement and adherence to self-directed IRA investment rules.

Unleashing the Power of Investment

Once your self-directed IRA is up and running, it’s time to capitalize on the myriad investment options available to you. Your IRA dollars can be directed into a wide range of assets, excluding life insurance contracts and collectibles. Familiarize yourself with the self-directed IRA investment rules outlined in Internal Revenue Code (IRC) 4975, particularly regarding prohibited transactions.

 Diversifying Your Portfolio

Explore diverse investment avenues, such as real estate, secured and unsecured Notes, Private Placements, wholesaling, and precious metals. Take charge of your investments with IRA-owned LLCs, commonly known as ‘checkbook IRAs,’ offering unparalleled control.

 Real Estate Revolution

Engage in real estate transactions by completing a Direction of Investment (DOI) form to instruct your IRA on funding. Ensure compliance with arms-length transaction principles and submit necessary documents like the purchase contract and closing statement for funding.

 Notes: Secured and Unsecured

Invest in Promissory Notes, secured or unsecured, by providing the required collateral documents. If purchasing an existing Note, navigate the process with an Assignment and Bill of Sale.

 Private Stock Opportunities

Discover non-publicly traded stock through private placements. Navigate Subscription Agreements and Operating Agreements.  These investments are often referred to as syndications.  A real estate syndication, essentially a real estate investor partnership, can be a viable way for multiple investors to pool their resources together to fund a single investment. These partnerships can also open the door to larger investment opportunities like multifamily properties or industrial real estate.

Take Control with IRA-Owned LLC

For those seeking direct control, consider an IRA-owned LLC. Take responsibility for check writing and investment decisions under the LLC’s umbrella, ensuring compliance during the initial funding.  As a result your IRA may have protection from creditors.  Please discuss this with the attorney who creates your special-purpose LLC.

Precious Metals in Your Hands

Physically hold precious metals in your IRA, meeting fineness requirements. Complete the investment with an invoice/bill of sale, packing slip, and DOI form.  Because you may require assistance , please bu assured our team of transaction coordinators is on hand to walk you through it.

Administrative Feasibility Check

While all investments undergo a review, not all may be deemed ‘administratively feasible.’ For example, investments in marijuana-related businesses face hurdles due to Federal Law.


As you embark on your self-directed IRA investment journey, stay informed, and leverage the active role you can play in shaping your financial future. Remember, compliance is key, and understanding the ever-evolving landscape of investment rules will empower you to make strategic choices. Take charge and make your self-directed IRA work for you!  Reach out to us with your questions at info@uDirectIRA.com.  Get started by opening an account HERE.