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Maximizing Your Retirement Savings

How can you squirrel-away the most retirement savings?  If you’re self-employed you can do this easily with a SEP Plan.  First available in 1979, the…

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Required Minimum Distributions

When you have a pre-tax retirement account (like a Traditional IRA, SEP IRA or 401(k)) the time will come when you will need to begin…

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Passive Real Estate Investing

So you want to be a passive real estate investor?  Congratulations!   90% of the world’s millionaires do this to create wealth. Problem is you have…

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What is a 1099 & 5498?

Did you get a 1099 or 5498 form in the mail? Here is a brief explanation of the 1099 and 5498 Tax Forms. The 1099…

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