Kaaren Hall udirect ira services llc

Kaaren Hall udirect ira services llc

By Kaaren Hall, CEO of uDirect IRA Services


There are a few things to consider when you’re thinking of investing your retirement savings with self-directed IRAs versus leaving it in the stock market.  You should ask yourself: Am I am stock expert? Is this what I know the most about? Most people don’t know how the stock market works and have financial advisors, but how much those advisors are being paid is a hot topic. Do you know how much your financial advisor makes? Do you know how much return on your investment your advisor gets to enjoy? We all have to take responsibility of our retirement plans and not simply depend on others—just like we have to take responsibility of our health and not depend 100% on our doctors.

When you look into stock market investing through a financial advisor, you may come to realize that the fees on the front end and back end are so much higher. With a self-directed IRA from uDirect IRA Services, we have a set-up fee and a flat annual fee of $275, and we’re not taking a percentage of assets under management. If your asset grows in value, your asset grows in value. We don’t share in the appreciation.  It’s your IRA.  It’s your retirement.  The proceeds land completely into your retirement account. Unlike stock market based investments, we’re not diminishing your retirement growth by taking a percentage.

With self-directed IRAs, each person can invest in what they know best, outside of the stock market. You can 1) open an account, 2) fund the account, and then 3) invest that money as “uDirect”.  Everything stems around those three processes.  People just have to come up with a plan and discuss it with their tax advisors, lawyers, CPAs, etc. so they have a plan in place for their estate and for their future. With a self-directed IRA, we don’t tell you what to invest in and commission isn’t taken from your gain.  uDirect IRA Services acts as independent administrator. We provide the tax reporting and record-keeping on your self-directed IRA.

It’s important to have your eyes open and understand what’s happening with the retirement dollars you’re investing so your gains are not eaten away by fraud or fees. uDirect IRA Services has helped thousands of Americans invest their IRA outside of the stock market into real estate, land, private notes, precious metals & more to improve their financial future. We need to be responsible for our own retirement, and self-directed IRAs are a powerful tool that can give you the freedom to invest in asset classes you understand. Call us today at (866) 447-6598.

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