udirect ira services llc

udirect ira services llc

How do IRAs and real estate overlap and complement each other?

The level of success that both clients and their real estate advisors will achieve is becoming increasingly intertwined with the use of self-directed IRAs. Real estate is growing as an investment, as is awareness of the ability to self-direct accounts, and they are a great match.

What is a Self-Directed IRA?

Simply put a self-directed retirement account enables individuals to choose where they want their funds invested. This means the ability to invest in a variety of asset classes, including various methods of direct investment in real estate. No more leaving your financial future up to some unknown broker or fund manager, and their commission incentivized picks. You choose what to invest in, and retain all the great tax breaks of a traditional 401k or IRA.

Who Can Use Self-Directed Retirement Accounts?

Every American can take advantage of these tax saving investment tools. Whether you are self-employed, a salaried wage earner, inherited an IRA, or are a Realtor, broker, industry vendor, or commercial real estate deal maker, you can use this.

Why Use Self-Directed Retirement Accounts?

As an individual (or couple, or business owner) self-directed IRAs can be a tremendous tool for growing wealth, keep more of your earning, multiplying each dollar, and saving big on taxes. It’s all about snowballing wealth and income gains, faster.

The Relationship between IRAs and Real Estate Pros

Among a variety of other asset classes self-directed IRAs can be used to invest in a number of types of real estate investments. While awareness is growing, educating and empowering individuals to use this strategy still often comes down to the real estate professionals that individuals connect with. As a salesperson, broker, commercial property financier, fund manager, business owner, or coach, it is up to you to alert customers to this opportunity, and introduce them to those that can help execute on it. If you don’t one of your competitors is going to read this, put it into play, and win that client.

Your Owe it to Your Clients

If you truly want to serve your real estate clients to the best of your ability and with the best products in the industry then you owe it to them to educate yourself and introduce them to these tactics. They’ll gain the potential to make more on every real estate deal you sell them, they’ll reduce their risk, and in turn they’ll have more capital to reinvest.

A Fantastic Way to Stand Out

Self-directed real estate investment opportunities give professionals a massive edge in the marketplace. If you and a competing agent both present the same property from the MLS, but you are able to provide them with an additional 30% net income and capital gain thanks to a self-directed IRA EACH YEAR, which is the client going choose?

This creates a positive, upward spiral. You attract more clients, serve them better results.

In turn you get:

  • The satisfaction of know you really served your clients the best
  • Each client can afford to do more deals, and bigger deals with you each year
  • Clients are going to brag about their results with you
  • You become the go-to expert for above average investment returns
  • Rinse, repeat, and scale


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