What to Expect from a Self-Directed Account Provider

Investing with a Self-Directed IRA (SDIRA) can be an empowering way to take control of your financial future.  Because SDIRAs give you the flexibility to choose a wide range of investment options beyond traditional stocks and bonds, they are an appealing choice.  Especially for those who want to diversify their retirement portfolios. However, managing a self-directed account comes with its own set of responsibilities and expectations. Let’s dive into what you, as a saver and investor, need to know and what services you can expect from a provider like uDirect IRA Services.

What You (The Investor) Does

1. Conducts All Investment Research and Due Diligence
– As an investor, you are responsible for doing all the homework on the investment risks. This includes researching potential investments thoroughly and understanding the associated risks.

2. Chooses and Negotiates Investments
– You select the investments that align with your financial goals. Whether it’s real estate, precious metals, or private equity, the choice is yours. Additionally, you negotiate the price of the asset to ensure it fits within your investment strategy.

3. Ensures Compliance with IRS Rules
– It is crucial to ensure that your investments are not prohibited by the IRS. Certain types of investments, such as collectibles and life insurance, are not allowed within an IRA.

4. Executes Investments in the Name of the IRA
– All investments must be made in the name of the IRA account. This helps maintain the tax-advantaged status of your investments.

5. Avoids Transactions with Disqualified Persons
– Transactions involving disqualified persons, such as close family members, are prohibited. It’s your responsibility to ensure that all transactions comply with these rules.

6. Monitors the Account and Completes Necessary Documentation
– Regular monitoring of your account is essential to stay on top of your investments. Completing and submitting the required documents on time is also part of your duties as an SDIRA investor.

Services uDirect IRA Services Provides

1. Administration of Sales and Purchases
– uDirect administers the sales and purchases of assets, ensuring that the transactions are processed smoothly and in in a timely fashion.

2. Account Contributions and Distributions
– They handle the administration of account contributions and distributions, helping you manage your funds efficiently.

3. Accurate IRS Reporting
– Having a uDirect account means you will receive accurate and timely IRS reporting, ensuring that all necessary information is submitted correctly.

4. IRA Account Record-Keeping
– Keeping detailed records of all transactions within your IRA is crucial. uDirect offers comprehensive record-keeping services.  You can long in and check your account status any time.

5. Online Account Statements
– You have access to an online statement available 24/7, allowing you to monitor your account at your convenience.  It’s a good idea to log in monthly and save a copy of your monthly statement.

What uDirect IRA Services Does Not Do

1. Endorse or Recommend Investments
– uDirect does not endorse any particular product or company, nor do they offer products or recommend investments.

2. Provide Tax, Investment, or Legal Advice
– They do not offer tax or investment advice. For any legal or financial guidance, it is recommended to consult with a qualified advisor.

3. Supply Investment Templates or Complete Documents
– uDirect does not provide investment templates, and they do not complete or alter account-holder’s forms or legal documents.

Getting Started

If you are ready to take control of your retirement investments with a self-directed IRA or Solo 401(k), you can start by accessing your account through the uDirect Login. For any questions or assistance, you can contact uDirect IRA Services at info@uDirectIRA.com.  If you do not already have an account, begin setting up your own self-directed account HERE.


Investing through a Self-Directed IRA requires a proactive approach and a thorough understanding of your responsibilities. While providers like uDirect IRA Services offer essential administrative support, the onus is on you to make informed investment decisions. By understanding your role and leveraging the services provided, you can effectively manage your SDIRA and work towards achieving your financial goals.