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joe-mendez By Guest Contributor Joe Mendez

Thanks, Joe!  We feel really good about it, too!

“Having a self-directed IRA really is a blessing. I retired from my previous employer at 50 years of age. It was a forced retirement because the company was restructuring and losing big bucks on some brands one of which I was responsible for. I spent my 20 years with them doing the right stuff. Putting in 15% of my salary towards retirement. But then at 50 I was faced with retiring early. Which was fine with me. But I also made the decision to not go back in corporate structure. I went off to become a realtor. And you know, going from making big bucks and having all the benefits and so forth to becoming self-employed changed my whole brain and security.
I remember when I decided to bring $100K to uDirectIRA. As my own IRA was losing money, putting this money into this self-directed IRA made sense for me. It did what I needed. It gave me a monthly boost to an IRA through the rent money. Plus it gave me equity growth. As a self-employed person, it has given me a small glimpse of security into my retirement age. Whenever that will be.
Anyway, I think it is not a well-known tool that could make sense for someone who faced the same issues I faced being self-employed. Every time I feel sad that perhaps I am going broke, I look at my account and say….wait I still have this money in this self-directed IRA . Now that I know one of the units directly across from me closed several months ago at $280K, I REALLY feel good about this vehicle of investment.”

Joe Mendez

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